I received my first check for a publication in Classmate Magazine in 1961. It was $3.00 for a submission to the Readers Talk Back feature in their September edition. I was sixteen. I wanted to be a writer.

Life happened. I didn’t get around to writing again until thirty years later. I wrote tracts, articles for church periodicals, and Sunday school papers.

The idea of writing a book never occurred to me until just before David and I went to spend twenty-six nights in the confines of the walls of ancient Jerusalem. That was in 2009. The day we arrived in Jerusalem I started On Our Own in Jerusalem’s Old City. Since then I’ve written the fiction stories, The Lane Trilogy: Lyza’s Story, The Legacy, Leesa’s Story and a devotional, The Miracle of You.

Since I began writing books I find it difficult to tell a story in less than eighty thousand words. Now I feel called to write. This is my pulpit, my way of telling the story of Jesus and His love, over and over, in different ways. He is my Light and Salvation. The Great Commission commands us to spread His Word to all the world. Jesus has made it possible — through my husband, David, and all of his support, to spread the word of His love throughout the nations with the help of Amazon! God is amazing. One day I found one of my books offered by an online bookstore in New Zealand.

 I write both fiction and non-fiction.